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Contingent Staffing Solution

Our expertise lies in bringing together the best minds from different spheres, integrating technology and strategy to deliver cutting edge, end-to-end solutions to our customers. Tech Pros works closely in partnership with clients, to create a flexible staffing plan that augments their core staff with the best experts available on an as-needed basis. We can provide a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for any consultant needed by our customers at the most competitive rates available in the industry.


Streamline your Hiring by Partnering with us Today

Many organizations struggle to find talented, specialized professionals to meet critical business initiatives, and rollout large implementations in a timely manner. Tech Pros staff augmentation service provides long-term, highly skilled resources to supplement our customers staffs and achieve business objectives. If you need support for a large project upgrade, a temporary/part-time consultant, or technical assistance to deploy a point technology solution, Tech Pros can help. Our qualified and trusted technical staff is backed by the collective 20 years of industry experience, including thought leaders and industry pioneers. Contact Us now for skilled, reliable workers making an impact right from the start.


VMS Supplier

We recognize the need for some companies to leverage a single source for their contingent workforce. As a distinguished supplier working in tandem with many of these mega-programs, we continue to map our efforts in order to meet the strategic goals of those we service utilizing this model, including: cost savings, visibility, or improvement of source-to-cycle performance metrics. We consider ourselves subject matter experts in the MSP/VMS space. Our staff has extensive experience working with the majority of VMS portals and our expertise has been leveraged by several of our customers for additional process improvements and cost saving recommendations. Our understanding of this model and our ability to successful recruit in a high volume environment and on a nationwide basis is a key differentiator for Tech Pros.