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Higher Commitment, Lower Risk

Our combined 25 years in the industry, has attributed to becoming one of the best mid-level outsourced providers in our respective market. We understand that transferring operational activities seems to be a tall order for some companies. As a result, at Tech Pros, we’re dedicated to working in tandem with customer management in order to customize, and define project deliverables. Control is retained for our customers through relationship, as well as contractual provisions. We’ve handled projects in excess of $4mm in budget. In addition, we’re highly adept in mapping out scope of these engagements, placing controls on our managed resources, and implementing productivity tools to ensure maintenance of the projects we own. At Tech Pros, we’ve managed outsourced services in verticals of High Technology, Government and Defense, Finance and Accounting. Our footprint extends across the United States, as well as Canada


We are committed to the operational health and overall sustainability of the organizations we partner with under this model of service. Moreover, we put heavy emphasis on service level agreements ("SLAs") and clearly defined parameters in an effort to ensure value of delivered outcomes.


Partner Of Choice

Our Managed Services offering fosters a high degree of transparency in IT planning, through knowledge transfer of skills and capabilities. This service is designed for clients interested in a longer-term solution, in which, our agency would assume the delivery risks of the project outsourced.