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Tech Pros provides a comprehensive compliance program to determine worker classification and ensure compliance throughout their engagement. The process begins with a detailed assessment of the worker, and the work being performed. Tech Pros Account Managers analyze the results, including the appropriate backup materials, to complete the compliance process and begin on-boarding. In the event of a worker reclassification, Tech Pros subject-matter experts are specifically trained to handle these sensitive situations.



Corp-to-Corp & 1099

Every year companies spend millions of dollars in misclassification penalties. Tech Pros understands the questions and challenges that come with implementing a successful compliance program within your business. We have developed documented processes, methodologies, and tools through our ezComply™ program designed to help you make sure your flexible workforce is properly classified.


Discovery & Analysis

Tech Pros performs an in-depth analysis of our customers current processes and 1099 workers to provide a high-level assessments of existing compliance programs. We use our proven methodology to uncover 1099 workers within the organization, and help our clients quantify potential misclassification risks.

Compliance Best Practices

In the context of hiring independent contractors and contingent workforce regulations, Tech Pros pays close attention to all employer obligations at the federal, state and local levels, including wage & hour rules, per diem, ACA tracking, and sick leave mandates.