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Light Industrial Staffing

Tech Pros has a large Light Industrial Division, allowing for recruitment nation-wide within this vertical. More than 40 businesses across the U.S. rely on TechPros Staffing for our expertise in providing skilled employees over a wide scope of light industrial disciplines, positions, and industries. After 13 years in business, we still guarantee your satisfaction based on our proven quality and results. Tech Pros Staffing can keep your manufacturing, production, or distribution facility operating at peak capacity with competent, reliable personnel across multiple shifts during your peak workloads or vacation seasons. We hire a vast amount of new employees every year to support light industrial operations, using best-in-class methods for recruiting, screening, testing, and retaining top talent.


Flexible Access To a Quality Workforce

To help you realize strong employee engagement, we offer a variety of solutions, which are customized to ensure your industrial environment, will remain staffed at optimal levels with a high-performing workforce. We’ll help your company with resource planning, and attainment through:

  • Targeted Recruiting – our unique method for identifying top-performing light industrial employees reaches 100% of your local target audience; not just those looking for work
  • Evaluation – by our vetting practices, we’ll ensure applicants meet the applicable skills most required across light industrial disciplines, including: hand-eye coordination, manual and precision dexterity, to ensure our employees possess the skills needed for hand tool, quality, inspection, equipment operation, or stack-and-sort job functions
  • Safety – best practices for occupational health, safety, or environmental concerns include a detailed safety orientation that helps reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism.
  • Vendor On Premise (VOP) – We offer a long-term general contractor relationship for our light industrial clients, interested in partnering with us onsite at their local location(s). We have the ability to enter into, and managed subcontractor relationships to ensure constant delivery, as well as reduce company costs and turnover of employees.

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Industrial Talent for Manufacturing & Logistics Environments


    Assembly Specialist
    Assembly Worker
    Fork Lift Operator
    Inventory Technician
    Inventory Worker
    Machine Operator
    Mail Room Assistant / Clerk
    Maintenance Technician
    Manufacturing Operator
    Manufacturing Specialist
    Manufacturing Technician
    Material Handler
      Material Handling Specialist
      Material Handling Technician
      Packaging Employee
      Precision Assembler
      Production Operator
      Production Planner
      Production Specialist
      Production Technician
      Quality Control Inspector
      School Custodians
      Shift Activity Coordinator
      Shipping / Receiving Worker